All we can say is Wow, did we have fun!!!! 


Sept 3rd, 2005 came and went and with that our wedding day.


It was truly amazing. We had the best weather possible which made all the extras that we had prepared even better.

A synopsis of the day went as follows:

Our guests arrived to be greeted by Joe, the best brother in law and Tracey, our friend who we can't thank enough, and have their couple photos taken to be put in our guest book.  Some words of advice from each of them have been placed by each of their photos. Then it was off to join the other guests to play an ice breaker game while enjoying hors d'ovoeurs and cocktails. Of course, our neighbour started up his riding lawn mower and decided to cut his grass.  He had cut it just the day before.  He just loves us as neighbours.  Our guests tried to take pictures of him.  I don't think he liked that very much.  The ice breaker game was so much fun that people were still playing during the reception. First place goes to Judy & Randy, and second place to Cheryl & Richard.   It was then announced to move to the river to celebrate the service.

Scott and I, with Heather, Brian, Steve, Amy and Aiden, who were hiding out at a neighbour's home up river, arrived by boat to be greeted by our guests. We said our vows and then exchanged rings. I had two rings for my man and when the time came to put the second one on, Heather , our Honour Attendant, announced that she left it in the boat. Laughter and more laughter.  Thanks to Tracey for saving this moment and to Heather for the impromptu stress relief.

Then pictures of us for our friends. 

We moved back to the house to a balloon release with "You Raise me Up" by Josh Groban playing as a tribute to our parents, Bettyanne & Ed LaPointe and Paul Haskins. Bittersweet and amazing.  It was an awesome sight to see over 60 coloured balloons take flight all at once.  The pictures just do not do this moment justice.

Then on to dinner and Brenda & Scott trivia or a story by the guests for kissing. Dinner was absolutely amazing as was the kissing. 

Then a little speech from myself and Scott.  Scott was heckled so much he had to keep repeating what he said.  The heckling was a good sign of the close friends we had in attendance. Then we partied until 4:30 am.

I am still hearing raves about everything, especially the cake.  Mmmmmmmm.

We have a special Thank you to some special people:

Steve & Sarah, Amy & Travis, Chad, and Brooke thank you so much for bartending for the evening.  You all did a great job and it did not go unnoticed.  Amy and Steve, thanks so much for all the help with preparation and planning and cleaning.  We appreciate everything that you did to make it easier for us.

Joe, you are amazing.  You helped the kids when they needed help at the bar, you were there taking pictures, greeted our guests and made them feel comfortable, and kept us sane.  I can't name all the things you did for us.  Your help was immense and we can't thank you enough.

Tracey, Oh my.  We owe you big time.  You picked up where we left off.  Took care to make sure everything ran smoothly and filled in all the gaps that we may have missed, got Brian to the wedding ON TIME, and were there for us before we had to think about it.  Truly an outstanding friend.  Thank you for everything. 

Kim, truly an outstanding sister.  We cleaned the entire house not leaving anything unturned.  Shhh, don't look under the beds.  I can't thank you enough for all the help you gave to me.  I could not have done it all.  Your help for those few days made it so much easier for me.

Mom & Randy, thanks for the monogrammed table runners.  Such a beautiful reminder of our day.

Aunt Anne, thanks for the "Just Married" sign.  Prepared at the last moment because I forgot about it.

Anna and Mike thanks for picking up the Hamilton. 

Heather and Brian, thank you just doesn't say enough for all the planning, help, assistance and kick a$$ parties that you had for both of us.  It was truly an honour to have you stand by us on our special day.


We have over 400 pictures so this is only a sampling: 


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