Scott & Brenda met through a mutual friend on a blind date in 1992.  Within a couple of months of dating Scott fell ill with appendicitis and needed an emergency appendectomy.  Brenda still recalls that week.

Scott complained of not feeling well and constant pain in the side.  Brenda suggested that he get it checked out.  Scott, being the fellow that he is, figured it would go away.  He went to work for General Motors on Glendale Avenue diligently for 3 more days.  He played "A" level volleyball    at the time and decided to continue.  He was in excrutiating pain after playing and finally decided to go to the hospital the next day, after work, of course.

Upon arrival at the hospital and blood tests it was found that he had to have surgery NOW.  Calling Brenda around 7:00 at night, Scott told Brenda of the news.  Getting a sitter for Steve and Amy, she then went to the hospital to find Heather and his dad, Ed, waiting with Scott.  His surgery was scheduled ASAP and he finally was in at around 11:00 pm.  Brenda had never met Heather or Ed until that night.  Scott came out of surgery with flying colours.

Their relationship grew stronger.  Brenda finished a Bachelor of Arts in Health Studies and Psychology at Brock University.  Scott opened up the doors to his new company, Industrial Control Technology.  He worked for the next few years establishing his engineering company.  Brenda worked with children at Big Brothers & Sisters until ICT needed more help in the office.

The months and years rolled by until October of 1998 when they decided to move in together.  Brenda had her house and Scott had bought the Port Robinson home.  Amy, Brenda, and Mischief, the cat, all moved in to Scott's bachelor pad.  Steve was living with his dad at the time visiting on weekends and some weekdays.  Adjustment to the new family was fairly easy.  With the yard work to keep Scott busy, the days rolled by. 

Major renovations started on the house with the back part of the house being taken off in 1999.  Major construction to the yard had already begun and with winter upon them construction on the outside was held off. Finally in July of 1999.  The addition to the house was done.  Not the kitchen and not the bathrooms.  And so the kitchen renovations begin.  Scott takes the old kitchen out and makes a small kitchen in a corner of the great room.  This will be the kitchen for one year, as it turns out.  The kitchen renovations are worth the time.  Finishing up the kitchen. Brenda & Scott decided to take a small breather from renovations, for a few months. 

They decided to get a dog, a BIG dog.    Deciding on the name, Raley, a wakeboarding move that Scott had just accomplished, the 6 week old puppy became part of the family.

Amy starts high school and Steve moves in with the family.  He is going into grade 11.  Steve gets his driver's licence.

Upon a trip to Cuba, Scott and Brenda decided they wanted a baby.     After almost a year, Brenda became pregnant with Aiden.  At seven months pregnant the bathroom renos are completed much to the joy of Brenda who was not enjoying the several trips at night down the stairs to the basement bathroom.   Aiden was born in July of 2002.  And now life has changed.

Renovations, yard work, and extra activities are put on hold.  Aiden consumes all the time.  Steve and Amy are amazing at keeping the housework done.  Scott is travelling with business and home on weekends for a few short weeks.  It is one of the hottest recorded summers and with no air conditioning in the house it is HOT. 

Amy and Steve begin working at Sobeys and eventually Marineland.  Amy gets her driver's licence.  Steve buys a car.  To the relief of Brenda and Scott as there will be a little less driving. 

In September of 2004, Scott proposes to Brenda with Aiden by their side.  The deck is built and home renovations are completed.  The wedding is set for Saturday, September 3, 2005. 

Scott celebrated his 40th birthday in May while Aiden celebrates his 3rd birthday in July.  Amy turned 18 and Steve 20, both in April.  Brenda leads the team at 42 in June. 

After 13 years of dating, 3 children, teaching 2 of them to drive, renovations to the house, while living in it, 1 psycho puppy, finishing university, starting a company, having a baby and the help of amazing friends and family, Brenda and Scott will be married in a few short months.                      Whewwwwww........... 




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