Scott's  Stag

                     Just driving ahead of the tornado warnings and floods that hit Toronto, the boys headed to Ottawa in dull overcast skies.  Arriving in Ottawa, just in time for rain to fall while setting up their tents, they began their weekend of white water rafting.  The first group of guys to arrive were already in party mode when the second group of guys arrived a few hours later.    Now there are 11 wet and damp men.  But the rain did not stop them that Friday night. 

                    It down poured all Friday night, but that did not stop the guys from the snore competition that ensued.  Brian had the best sleeping spot of the the truck!!!!    They all awoke to a great breakfast and got ready for the rafting adventure. 

                Though there were overcast skies until they left, their White Water Rafting adventure was blast.

The trip was a great success. 

Here are the pics to prove it.

***Scott would like to thank all involved in this adventure***

***He had such a blast thanks to all of you***


       Brenda's YaYa Sisterhood

                               While watching the tornado warnings and small craft advisories all day, the ship was set to sail at 9:00 pm.  But before that, dinner at Murphy's Restaurant in Port Dalhousie was amazing.  Brenda's friends of 20 strong had a great time dining and getting to know each other.  Barely finishing dessert, we had to dash out to board the awaiting ship. 

The wind was calm and the night warm with the ship's lights calling us to board.  At about 9:30pm we set sail.  Little did we know that waiting on Lake Ontario would be at least 4 foot to 6 foot swales, a full moon and warm breezes.  As the girls struggled to get their sea legs, the swales continued.  The only way to not feel the sway of the ship was to dance.  She that's what 10 or so girls did.  ALL NIGHT LONG.  Holding the ceiling and the ship's support poles, we danced and danced.  Many girls tried to stay at the back of the ship or on the top level, 3 flights up.  Too much sway from the ship.  It was determined that the best place to be was the ship's outdoor bow on the first level.  You could find the girls hanging out there, but some braved the upper deck or stern. 

Some of us did have a great time, while others vowed to never board again. 

Brenda's dad was named "Hurricane Haskins" many years ago because whenever he went north to his trailer the weather always turned bad, no matter how nice it had been before he arrived.  It is easy to see that his legacy has been passed onto Brenda.  The only storm of the summer and it falls on the party weekend for both the guys and girls.

But we had a great time and the pics prove it.

***Brenda can't thank all of you enough for making her night*** 

***Thanks so much and remember.....

what happened on the ship, stays on the ship!***




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                        Thursday, September 1, 2005 at 6:00 pm


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